Super simple timer

A super simple timer that niggles you till you act! Press a single button and you'll remember TV shows, cooking times, to pick up the kids, or to call back that friend.

You'll love how easy and useful NiggleMe is.

It's absolutely FREE!


About Us

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Super Easy

It's super easy to set a reminder - a single tap - and it reminds you no matter what app you're in.

Simple Controls

NiggleMe has very simple controls - you tap a button to start a countdown timer that rings off in 5 minutes time, an hour away, or on the hour.

Awesome Graphics

With awesome graphics, sounds and a choice of alarm tones, the NiggleMe timer is always just a tap away.

Unlock 10 Timers

The free app has only one alarm. In app purchase unlocks ten alarms. To purchase, tap the + button on the lower right corner.


Here are some screen captures of the app on a Google Nexus phone.


If you're having problems with NiggleMe, please email us at and we will help you.

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We Made This!

NiggleMe® is an Impiger Mobile Inc. production.

Founded in 2004, we are a team of 150 highly talented professionals who have architected over 170 mobile applications across various domains.

At Impiger, we are leading the charge of building mobile technology and enterprise solutions that transforms the way our customers’ do business.

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